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Photo of Clarifi client Michael B.

"Clarifi motivated me to push forward to reduce my debt and save money. When you see something on the horizon, it makes you want to get to it."

Michael B. — Clarifi Boot Camp Client

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Photo of Brenda H.

"Thanks to Clarifi's help, my husband and I both are tackling our debt. Clarifi's counselors walked us through the process and we never felt judged."

Brenda H. — Clarifi Debt Management Plan Client

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Photo of Clarifi client Keithlyn O.

"Clarifi's IDA program was able to provide me with the down payment for my home. It was a blessing because I really didn't know where I was going to get the extra money. It's a great peace of mind for me and my children.

Keithlyn O. — Clarifi IDA Client

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Clarifi Boot Camp client Heather G.

"I thought I would be renting forever and that my children would own a home before I did. It's still not real. My kids will always have somewhere to come home. I want to thank Clarifi and my coach."

Heather G. — Clarifi Boot Camp Client

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Sharing Financial Knowledge with Her Children

"Now my children will understand the importance of financial security ... and saving for a rainy day."

Photo of Aisha G. with her son