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Photo of Brenda H.

"Thanks to Clarifi's help, my husband and I both are tackling our debt. Clarifi's counselors walked us through the process and we never felt judged."

Brenda H. — Clarifi Debt Management Plan Client

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Photo of client Vincent R

"I'm very happy. I know I'll be in my warm home and no one will take it away from me. I'm very grateful for people like my counselor, Lorrie."

Vincent R. — Clarifi Housing Client

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Clarifi Boot Camp client Heather G.

"I thought I would be renting forever and that my children would own a home before I did. It's still not real. My kids will always have somewhere to come home. I want to thank Clarifi and my coach."

Heather G. — Clarifi Boot Camp Client

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Photo of Clarifi Client Elizabeth

"Clarifi is like a financial family I can call if I need advice or have questions. I wanted to start saving regularly and they provide a tremendous amount of support. I'm a Clarifi cheerleader!"

Elizabeth G. — Clarifi Counseling Client

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Sharing Financial Knowledge with Her Children

"Now my children will understand the importance of financial security ... and saving for a rainy day."

Photo of Aisha G. with her son