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Now that I have paid off my debt, I have to stick to this new way of living. I have other financial goals I am working towards.

Leni H.

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Thank you. You were very instrumental in getting my mom through the Restore, Repair, Renew Home Loan Program! The repairs are finished, the inspection passed and the funds are disbursed! My mom is now is now living in a house which is much better than months ago.

Karen H. — The repairs are finished, inspection passed and funds are disbursed!

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Being a part of this Family Self Sufficiency program means a lot to me. I work with my financial counselor daily; she helps me with old debt, budgeting, as well as fixing my credit so I can one day meet my goal of being a homeowner. It gives me hope on my worst days.

Mary P. — Thank you to my counselor, Marnet

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Nobody does it better than the Clarifi staff.

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