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Over a 9 month span, Lauren's credit score has risen by 84 points (574 to 658)! Lauren was also able to refinance her car loan for a better interest rate due to her better credit history.

Lauren V. — The advice Clarifi gave me really opened my eyes to how easy building credit can be

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The Clarifi team (Julia) have been absolutely helpful, giving me reminders and direction on the estimates and overall project. I would not have kept up on all the deadlines without Julia. I recommend RRR to others. I hope the City continues to offer this wonderful program.

Lourdes G. — I hope the City continues to offer this wonderful program.

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Being a part of this Family Self Sufficiency program means a lot to me. I work with my financial counselor daily; she helps me with old debt, budgeting, as well as fixing my credit so I can one day meet my goal of being a homeowner. It gives me hope on my worst days.

Mary P. — Thank you to my counselor, Marnet

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Clarifi Boot Camp client Heather G.

"I thought I would be renting forever and that my children would own a home before I did. It's still not real. My kids will always have somewhere to come home. I want to thank Clarifi and my coach."

Heather G. — Clarifi Boot Camp Client

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Nobody does it better than the Clarifi staff.

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