Hi There, We're Happy to Meet You

We're Clarifi and we hope to earn your trust.

We’ve been around for a bit more than 50 years, about as long as credit cards, and that’s no coincidence. We started out when folks starting learning the hard way about the temptations of credit cards and their unchecked use. Soon came all sorts of easy loans – for cars, schools and houses – and all sorts of reasons why folks couldn’t always keep up with them.

We don’t judge how or why people get in hot water; we just want them to get out of it. (Or better yet, keep them away from crisis in the first place.) Our non-profit professionals are pretty good at helping just about anyone set up a household budget, start a savings plan, pay down big loans – even stop a foreclosure and save a house when the mortgage hasn’t been paid for a while.

We help people cut through their financial fog to a future of economic clarity. We’re not saying it’s easy; it’s not. But when someone’s on the brink, we have tried-and-true, step-by-step plans to pull them back. 

Best of all, even though we help tens of thousands of people with their personal economics, we’re not in it for the money. We protect people from scams, predatory lenders and consumer rip-offs. We’re proud of our partnerships with United Way and so many other community organizations that advocate for people first. We’re in it for you.