Meet our clients, hear their tales of triumph

We love it when people beat the odds, throw off the burden of debt, save their home, improve their credit, and learn how to win their lives back. The only people who love it more are our clients themselves. So we hope you’ll enjoy hearing a few tales of triumph from those who have earned their clear financial futures. Meet the people we’re proud to call our clients…

Channel S. , They tell me I’m on the right track, and that affirmation gives me strength.

Channel is part of the Family Self-Sufficiency program working towards her first home. In the program Channel is saving a lot, a little at a time. She has seven kids of her own, plus her “other kids,” the ones she helps get safely from one side of the street to the other as a crossing guard. “I take little steps at a time,” Channel says about her savings plan. “Clarifi tells me I’m on the right track. They vouch for me with the lenders, and that gives me strength I never had before.”

Lauren V., The advice Clarifi gave me really opened my eyes to how easy building credit can be


Over a 9 month span, Lauren's credit score has risen by 84 points (574 to 658)! Lauren was also able to refinance her car loan for a better interest rate due to her better credit history.

"The advice Clarifi gave me really opened my eyes to how easy building credit can be if you are just focused on it!"

Lourdes G. , I hope the City continues to offer this wonderful program.

The Clarifi team (Julia) have been absolutely helpful, giving me reminders and direction on the estimates and overall project. I would not have kept up on all the deadlines without Julia. I recommend RRR to others. I hope the City continues to offer this wonderful program.

Lourde's home had a slew of issues, many of them safety concerns including plumbing leaks, dangling electrical fixtures, rotting framing. Repairs included a new furnace, new electrical, plumbing, kitchen overhaul.

Carol P., I am so comfortable in my restored home. It’s like a luxury hotel!


Carol gutted and repaired a moldy bathroom, replaced rotting windows, installed new storm doors, hardwood floors and light fixtures. She even re-did her kitchen into a place she loves to be.

“I couldn’t have done all this without Clarifi’s help,”

Karen H. , The repairs are finished, inspection passed and funds are disbursed!

Thank you. You were very instrumental in getting my mom through the Restore, Repair, Renew Home Loan Program! The repairs are finished, the inspection passed and the funds are disbursed! My mom is now is now living in a house which is much better than months ago. I really appreciate all your help.

Lessie P., On cloud nine with my repairs!


I am on cloud nine after the repairs to my home that were done professionally and beautifully. I am so much more comfortable in my home!

Lessie needed structural repairs to one wall of the home to ensure ongoing stability

Kareema S. , Thanks Liz for giving me revived determination to improve my financial situation!

picture Liz M

“Thank you again Ms. Morrison, you were very helpful. I had become discouraged with my financial predicament but now I have a revived determination to improve it.”

Roger L. , Thank you Lorrie for the huge impact you had on my life!

picture lorrie graham

“I just wanted to drop a note and let you know that I recently closed on my first home - a year and two weeks after we met! Thanks for all of the information you provided to me. I held onto everything you provided me in our meeting and worked on bringing my credit score up and saving so I was ready. I ended up participating in one of the state’s first time homebuyer programs. I just wanted to let you know the impact you had!”

Mary P., Thank you to my counselor, Marnet

picture of Marnet

Being a part of this Family Self Sufficiency program means a lot to me. I work with my financial counselor daily; she helps me with old debt, budgeting, as well as fixing my credit so I can one day meet my goal of being a homeowner. It gives me hope on my worst days. I’m a working single parent with three kids with little to no support. I’m taking advantage of resources such as this program so one day I will no longer need these resources and I too can help the next person whose situation is similar to mine.

Leni H.

pic of Leni

Now that I have paid off my debt, I have to stick to this new way of living. I have other financial goals I am working towards.