Meet our Family Self Sufficiency clients, hear their tales of triumph

Channel S. , They tell me I’m on the right track, and that affirmation gives me strength.

Channel is part of the Family Self-Sufficiency program working towards her first home. In the program Channel is saving a lot, a little at a time. She has seven kids of her own, plus her “other kids,” the ones she helps get safely from one side of the street to the other as a crossing guard. “I take little steps at a time,” Channel says about her savings plan. “Clarifi tells me I’m on the right track. They vouch for me with the lenders, and that gives me strength I never had before.”

Mary P., Thank you to my counselor, Marnet

picture of Marnet

Being a part of this Family Self Sufficiency program means a lot to me. I work with my financial counselor daily; she helps me with old debt, budgeting, as well as fixing my credit so I can one day meet my goal of being a homeowner. It gives me hope on my worst days. I’m a working single parent with three kids with little to no support. I’m taking advantage of resources such as this program so one day I will no longer need these resources and I too can help the next person whose situation is similar to mine.

Halima C

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Constant encouragement: Yeah, we can do it. It sounds corny, but I thrive off that.