2018 Women to Watch: Patty Hasson

Patty Hasson recently chosen as one of South Jersey  Biz's 2018 Women to Watc

Clarifi President Patty Hasson recently chosen as one of South Jersey  Biz's 2018 Women to Watch

Strong. Empowering. Inspiring. These are some words to describe the women on the following pages who are not only thriving in their respective business sectors, but making a difference in the community. Whether it be volunteering at nonprofits, serving on various boards or being part of the local governing body during their “off” hours, making a difference in the lives of others in addition to performing at their peak professionally is important to these women. They are also proving that when you set your mind to something and stick to it, anything can be accomplished.  

PATRICIA HASSON, president and executive director, Clarifi 

In her position at Clarifi, Hasson leads an organization committed to providing sound financial counseling and education services and helping its clients achieve “lifelong  financial literacy.” In her 20 years at the helm, Clarifi has tripled in size and now has more than 20 offices in New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania, along with an administrative staff numbering more than 55. Hasson has received numerous accolades throughout her career, including the Prudential Leadership Award for Exceptional Nonprofit Boards in 2012. She was appointed to the board of the Philadelphia Federal Reserve as a Class B Director in 2016 and reappointed this year, and also serves on the oversight board for the Philadelphia Mayor’s Office of Community Empowerment & Opportunity. Hasson has been an active member   on various bank advisory boards as well, including the PNC Bank Regional Community Advisory Board  and the Capital One Consumer Advisory Council. “I believe building an adaptable team and relationship building are two key traits of an effective leader. Circumstances are constantly changing in this current economic  environment. Being flexible and finding new and different paths while keeping the team engaged requires a leadership style that is flexible and approachable. The stronger you are at building relationships in and out of your organization,  the more successful you will be.”