Clarifi Client Featured in New CAAP Video

Photo of Aisha G. with her son

Aisha G., a Clarifi client, recently appeared in a new video produced by Community Action Association of Pennsylvania. In Journey to Self Sufficiency, Aisha tells her story of struggling financially and seeking help from a counselor at a Financial Empowerment Center, a program of Clarifi and The City of Philadelphia.

"It's hard going to be some nights knowing there's only enough food to feed the kids and not yourself. After a while, it takes its toll on you and you feel like you're not good enough," says Aisha.

She also discussed how helpful it was having a trained counselor meet with her regularly and help her hit certain financial milestones.

"Just having someone tell me, 'Call down, relax. Step one, step two ... I'll call you to see how you're making out,' —that was really all I needed; I'm a fast learner. It was nice having someone give me directions."

Now, Aisha is sharing what she learned from her Financial Empowerment Center counselor with her children.

"With Clarifi teaching me, you gave me something to teach my children; because now they're going to understand the importance of financial security, savings accounts and always having something for a rainy day."

And she's looking forward to meeting her most ambitious financial goal yet.

"I'm waiting to hear back about my lender options. In 2018, Miss Aisha will have her own home."