Do you qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit? Let's find out

Free tax preparation

Tax time is here – and Clarifi wants to help make sure you make the most of your refund.

We all know the even with a regular paycheck, it can be hard to make ends meet.  Between rent, food, utilities, child care – plus all the other expenses, the bills seems to add up more quickly all the time.  

The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) is one way to help low and moderate income working families stay ahead. 

About 30 million people receive the EITC each year- but one in five people who are eligible don’t claim the tax credit.  That’s like leaving money you’ve earned on the table.

January 26 is #EITC Awareness Day, and we wanted to do our part to help get the word out, and make sure everyone who qualifies for this tax gets the information they need to claim it. 

(You can learn more about the EITC – and see if you qualify - by watching the brief video below).

Free tax preparation sites can help

This year we’re teaming up again with our friends at Campaign for Working Families, Inc..  They operate FREE tax preparation sites throughout the city and region.  (To find the one nearest to you click here).  Their team of IRS-certified preparers can help determine whether you qualify for EITC and other helpful tax credits, and be sure you claim the maximum refund you’re eligible for.

Clarifi has counselors on site at three of their locations – Center City (1435 Walnut Street), North Philadelphia (1415 N Broad St, Suite 222) and Northeast Philadelphia (2113 Cottman Ave, Unit 47) – from now through mid-April.  So if you get your taxes done at one of these sites you can meet with us at the same time, and create a plan to make the most of your refund.

You can also make an appointment at any of Clarifi’s 15 locations at any time.  Our expert team can help you figure out how to make the most of your refund, and make a smart money plan for the year ahead.  

This year we’re pleased to be working got another great local partner in Uplift Solutions.  Uplift is working to support under-served communities in the areas of: sustainable food, health, workforce development, and financial solutions – and they’ll have information and representatives on hand at many of the free tax sites as well.

For more info. on how Clarifi and our partners can help you out this tax season, click here or call us today at 215-563-5665.