A Statement from Clarifi

black lives matter

“Clarifi proudly stands with the Black community in protesting racism, discrimination, and marginalization. For far too long our clients, 60% of whom are Black, have faced brutality and violence from the very people who took an oath to protect and serve them. The violence perpetrated against George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and countless other Black Americans, as well as the recent violence against protestors, is another manifestation of a system built to antagonize Black people. A system that includes economic violence in the form of redlining, predatory lending, mass incarceration, pay and wealth gaps, health disparities, and the systemic stripping of Black wealth. We see and feel your pain, and we commit ourselves to learning how we can help dismantle systemic racism and bias in our organization for our Black staff and for the entire community. At Clarifi, Black lives will always matter.”