We Stand with You

Here’s where we say, “meet our team.” But really, this is your team.

Clarifi has a roster of pretty smart financial cookies that have played big roles across the economic spectrum. But there’s no bigger role than the one we hope to play in your life. Meet the people who will stand with you, fight for you and even push you forward when you need it.

Leadership Team

Meet the Clarifi leadership team, comprised of knowledgeable, seasoned managers whose backgrounds span the credit, banking, financial services, non-profit and related industries.


Meet our diverse counseling team, ready to go to bat for you at your very session.  They'll listen, advise and advocate on behalf of you and your financial goals.  

Education and Outreach

Meet our education and outreach team, who spread the message of financial literacy far and wide at workshops and events right in your community.

Program and Program Support

Meet our program and program support team, the people who breathe life into Clarifi's programs and help us keep the lights on.

Board of Directors

Meet Clarifi's Board of Directors, the people who think outside the conference room and leverage their various backgrounds to help us find new, innovative ways to empower our clients.