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Stephanie Bittner

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1060 Kings Highway North
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Cherry Hill, NJ 08034
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Stephanie has been a member of the Clarifi team since 2002. She has served as a certified Credit/HUD Housing Counselor and is now the NJ Community Outreach Manager for Southern New Jersey. Stephanie holds a Bachelor Degree from Temple University and has spent over 18 years in the personal financial industry. She is the former recipient of the National Foundation of Consumer Credit (NFCC) “Outstanding Counselor of the Year” Award.

Why I enjoy educating people about money
It’s very exciting and rewarding to watch participants during workshops as they begin to understand key principals and tools on how to improve their financial situation. I love to see  the renewed look of hope on their faces and the sound in their voices with the knowledge and belief they now have to make positive financial improvements in their life.

My favorite piece of advice about money
Money is a game. If you educate yourself on how to play the game, you will do really well! Take some time to learn how to play. It will be well worth your time and you may just have some fun along the way!