Financial Counseling

Clarifi has a staff of certified credit and housing counselors who are ready to help you sort out your unique financial priorities. We do it by helping you to analyze, understand and get control of your personal finances. People from all walks of life come to us with challenges impacting their financial well being, such as:

  • Overwhelming Debt
  • Overextension of Credit
  • Poor Credit History
  • Health Related Emergencies
  • Major Life Changes
  • Loss of Job/Reduction in Income
  • Threat of Bankruptcy
  • First-Time Homeowner
  • Foreclosure/Delinquency Problems
  • Finding a better way to pay for college and reduce future debt

Whether you are looking for advice or admittance to assistance programs, Clarifi is here to work together with you. Since we are located in the communities we serve, we can connect our clients to additional programs and services, such as LIHEAP, Energy Saving Tips, free tax preparation, food assistance, etc.

Receipt of financial counseling and education services does not guarantee participation in our debt management program services.

View our Program and Services Guide, attached below, for an overview of each type of one-on-one counseling.