Philadelphia Saves

You can Save. We can Help.

Linked to the America Saves nationwide campaign, Clarifi's Philadelphia Saves program is all about starting out small—taking manageable steps like cutting expenses or saving your change and thinking big—setting goals to buy a home, get out of debt or retire comfortably.

Let's work together to find effective ways to save, reduce debt and build wealth.

Philadelphia Saves Week Webinar! 

Join us on Thursday, February 26th at 12 PM for a webinar on savings and spending! During this webinar, participants will be empowered to take charge of their financial well being and to follow the proper steps towards saving for a better future. This presentation helps participants become aware of the "why behind the buy," and how to identify spending habits, set financial goals and develop spending plans that make sense. This presentation will be conducted by Soneyet Muhammad, Senior Education Program Manager at Clarifi. Registration is required!

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It's easy to become a Philadelphia Saver and it's free!

  1. Simply set a savings goal
  2. Pledge to set aside a dollar amount each month or week to meet your goal
  3. Enroll online to start receiving your benefits today!

Once enrolled, Philadelphia Savers qualify for the following benefits:

  • Access to one-on-one financial counseling from Clarifi
  • Free local financial education workshops, where you can learn the ins-and-outs of money
  • Quarterly America Saves and monthly E-Wealth Coach newsletters to keep you motivated
  • America Saves online savings tracker can help you stay on your financial goal
  • Earn 100 bonus credits to play SaveUp, the online game that lets you win prizes as you save

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