FAQ : All

Are you associated with other credit counseling agencies? If so, how?

Clarifi has 13 locations throughout the Greater Philadelphia area.  We are a member of the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC) who has members across the nation however we are all run independently. 

Do you provide assistance for the hearing impaired?

Arrangements can be made to accommodate our Hearing Impaired Clients. Please contact the Clarifi Team at intake@clarifi.org for more information.

Does Clarifi provide legal advice?

A Clarifi counselor may answer questions about areas of finances, but cannot give legal advice. If legal advice is necessary, the client must seek appropriate assistance.


Does Clarifi offer financial assistance with mortgage payments?

Clarifi does not offer monetary assistance with mortgages. We assist clients by providing information on programs that may offer financial assistance, and also help clients make arrangements with their mortgage companies to avoid foreclosure.

Can Clarifi still assist me if I have past my 33 day deadline for counseling on ACT 91?


Yes. Our certified housing counselors will evaluate your financial situation and provide you advice on how to avoid default and foreclosure of your home. The counselor will work together with you and your mortgage company to assist you in resolving your mortgage situation through a loan modification, or other options which may be available to you.