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  • Do you ever find yourself spending impulsively?
  • Do you tell yourself that you will start managing your money better but don’t know where to start?
  • Ever wonder where your money goes?

Since its start in 2008, FinanciallyHers has helped more than 2,500 women across the Delaware Valley  better manage their money and meet financial goals.

Through FinanciallyHers, members:

  • Explore and identify factors that influence their critical decisions around money—spending triggers, underlying causes of debt and subconscious obstacles to savings
  • Learn the psychology of money management to find ways of improving their financial well-being and avoiding spending triggers
  • Participate in financial workshops that provide detailed steps to help women budget and save, understand credit and learn how to raise money-savvy kids

Enjoy these benefits as a FinanciallyHers member:

  • Financial Counseling. Meet one-on-one with a counselor to confidentially discuss your personal financial issues
  • Advanced Education - Attend classes on investing, planning, retirement savings and more
  • FinanciallyHers Boot Camp – an intensive program that combines education, counseling and coaching. Each participant receives a personal Financial Coach for 6 months.
  • Special Events - Accept an invitation to FinanciallyHers Recognition Event, which combines education and celebration. Participate in other Clarifi and community events throughout the year
  • Ongoing Communication - Receive encouraging e-mails to help you stay on track and provide you with workshop information, tips and links to resources

FinanciallyHers is not just about keeping more money in your purse. It's about building relationships, learning from others and helping others learn from you while solidifying your financial future. Meet women who share similar concerns about money, care about financial stability and recognize the importance of setting financial goals. Team up with us and other determined, proactive women and get started!

Take the first step to creating your financial future:


FinanciallyHers Workshops:

Unlocking the Mystery - The Why Behind the Buy

  • Know yourself! Understand what cues, situations and subconscious beliefs trigger your shopping habits. Then, teach yourself to make the most of your income.

Length of Workshop: 90 minutes

How to Run Your Household Like a Business

  • Think that a budget is just not for you? Does sticking to a budget can seem next to impossible? Join us as we explore common methods of creating a spending plan and how to create realistic financial goals.

Length of Workshop: 90 minutes

Give Yourself Good Credit

  • Does looking at your credit card bills make you anxious? Don’t know what to do about your credit score? This workshop will help you understand the ins and outs of credit.

Length of Workshop: 90 minutes

Raising Money Savvy Kids

  • This workshop, open to parents or guardians with children of all ages, will teach you how to educate your kids about money, how to manage it and how to meet financial goals.

Length of Workshop: 90 minutes

Breaking Up is (Financially) Hard to Do

  • Breaking up is hard enough without the added financial stress. Let us eliminate some of that stress by helping you identify your financial roles and responsibilities once a relationship has ended.

Length of Workshop: 90 minutes

All FinanciallyHers workshops can be shortened to 60 minutes upon request.
Register online for the workshops above and other Clarifi workshops.

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