We Serve the Communities You Serve

Yes, We Go There

We can’t be very effective in our community if we just sit around some downtown office. So we plant our Clarifi flags in neighborhoods all over the place. And we don’t just work there. We love living there, too.

Clarifi connects with people in neighborhood libraries, churches and other civic organizations. We’re packed up and ready to put our table out at expos, job fairs and community events of all kinds. We’ll do a solo show or bring our partners along. Look around and you’ll probably see us there.

No matter where go, we are consumer advocates first and foremost. So we’re always talking with government representatives and business leaders to make life better for the people who spend their money in our economy. We’re policy nerds, and we’re there (and vocal) at legislative and policy planning events. Your voice will be heard wherever we go.

If you have an event we can bring our table to (or just our passion for wonkiness), please click to the contact form and let’s get together.