12 Tips for the Holidays: Eat, Drink and Be Merry (On a Budget)

November 28, 2012

A big holiday meal is a tradition for many during the holidays, but you may be spending more than you have to.

“It’s easy to spend a lot on holiday gifts, but holiday food can also be a major expense,” says Patty Hasson, President and Executive Director of Clarifi. “You definitely want to look for the best bargains with food and beverages the same way you do for your other purchases during the holidays.”

As part of Clarifi’s 12 Tips for the Holidays, here are tips to eat, drink and be merry, while staying on a budget:

Have everyone pitch in
One way to cut the costs of your holiday meal is to encourage family members to share in the responsibility and bring some food of their own. That way, it will take pressure off the person hosting the meal and bring costs down.

Add a punch to your drinks
Everyone enjoys a drink during the holidays—it’s how many of us survive them. To save money, consider preparing a signature mixed drink and serve it in a decorated punch bowl. This will cut down on the number of different drinks you need to buy.

Buy and cook in bulk
In many cases, it is less expensive to buy and cook for more than one occasion. The leftovers can be included in your meals in the days afterward.

Make a list and be specific
“You want to make a detailed list of all the ingredients you need for your meal and include the quantities to make sure you don’t buy more than you need,” says Hasson. “Buying store brands for things like butter, flour and sugar can also save you money.”

Knowing you saved money on your meal will certainly leave a good taste in your mouth. See below for more of our 12 Tips for the Holidays and check back for our final list of tips in mid-December.

12 Tips for the Holidays: Gift and Spend with a Plan