So Many Ways to Financial Clarity

If you’re like us, it always feels better to chalk up a few little victories on the way to nailing a big new achievement. So we’ve set up all the ways we work together with that kind of action in mind. Gain little victories from the get-go, starting right now on the phone, or meet one-on-one with a Clarifi counselor, or share moments of triumph with others in a group workshop. Let’s meet your goals and chalk up victories, and do it on your terms.

If you have an organization, community group or business, we can bring customized financial wellness initiatives to everyone around you. These are the same things we do with individuals, especially designed for your group. It’s amazing what happens when we work together.

We love to look at “the whole portfolio.” So let’s see a bigger picture of all we do.


One-on-One Counseling

Phone Counseling

On Demand Phone Counseling


Group Education

Boot Camp

Coaching in Clarifi Boot Camp

Clarifi Counseling
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Clarifi Counseling

Start your one-on-one relationship with a caring counselor in person or with a quick phone call. 

Clarifi education
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Clarifi Education

Gain new financial skills in a group setting with an expert educator.

Photo of Boot Camp clients
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Clarifi Boot Camp
Photo of Markita Morris-Louis and Patty Hasson
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Clarifi Collaborate
Do you offer any financial coaching programs?

Personal coaching is a part of our intensive six-month Boot Camp program combined with education workshops and counseling. Learn more here and see when the next Boot Camp starts.

Do you offer financial education for the workplace?

We offer programmatic packages with a wide variety of businesses, and community organizations large and small. Visit for more information.