Bring Clarifi to Your Group

Clarifi Collaborate

Now you can bring Clarifi’s expertise and guidance directly to the people in your organization: employees, staff, members, customers and/or colleagues. We partner with all manner of groups and companies to advance the benefits of financial wellness and enhance every working relationship:

  • Credit Unions and their members discover new ways to save and invest.
  • Companies help employees make the most of every paycheck, healthcare and retirement plan.
  • Community groups and non-profits help sow the seeds of financial wellness in every sector of community life.

Let’s work together to clarify the financial futures of the people you serve and work with. Here’s how we can do it:


  • How to make (and stick to) simple budgets
  • Improving credit scores
  • Housing delinquency issues 
  • Pre-purchase home counseling and smarter renting tips


  • When a reverse mortgage might make sense
  • Get out from under crushing debt
  • Student loan relief and restructuring
  • Bankruptcy as a last resort


  • “How-to” workshops from retirement to starting a small-business
  • Clarifi Boot Camp, a 6-month, goal-oriented program, with workshops, 1-1 Counseling and individual financial coaching


  • Web-based financial literacy modules or tools 
  • Videos, animations, and other materials on topics including basic money management, understanding credit and wise use of loans

Analyzing Success

So you can share your stories of success, Clarifi provides reporting analysis on your use of our services. We’ll even offer marketing and story-telling support to help share the news with all your relevant audiences.