Clarifi Education

Money is a complex puzzle. No matter where we come from, what we do, or how old we are, there’s always plenty to learn about how money works. Our certified teachers spreads their wealth of knowledge to help any and all of us make the smartest decisions.

Learning methods as varied as the people who learn:
  • Public workshops on basic financial principles

  • Community workshops presented by organizations and community groups

  • In-office workshops presented onsite to your employees or organization members


Our workshops are old school—people-to-people; learning what it takes to make a budget for the household, making a plan to save for rainy days, and building up credit for everything from cars to college. You’ll learn the ins and outs of home ownership: how to buy a house, and how to keep it. Plus all about the new-school dangers of identity theft and money scams.  

We call them workshops because we’re in it together, with open and candid conversations about the potential and pitfalls of money. Clarifi educators engage the participants and encourage everyone to share their questions and stories. We love to think outside the PowerPoint.

Have a Group?

Our learning workshops are open to the public, and customized for community organizations and businesses. We can tailor an education program around the financial topics that interest your group.

Meet Our Educators
Can you customize workshops?

Yes, we will customize any workshop to meet the needs of your audience; an additional fee would be incurred for this service.

Does the agency provide educational classes or workshops?

Clarifi delivers education workshops and programs as a part of their services.

How long are your workshops?

Depending on content, they run anywhere from 60 minutes to 2 hours in length for one session.

Which workshop topics are available?

Clarifi offers a number of educational topics that we can bring to your site. Check out our workshops and events page.