Financial Counseling

Some folks tell us they think of our counselors as action heroes. They’re ready to roll up their professional sleeves as certified, experienced advocates for you. They offer guidance and show you a bright light at the end of the tunnel. You may want to build your credit, slash your debt, avoid foreclosure or just check up on your financial wellness. Our counselors have Action Plans for all of that.

You can start a relationship with a Clarifi counselor in person (pick one of our 20 local offices) or make a phone appointment. Many people see a ray of hope in that first conversation, even on the phone. (Why wait; let’s get the ball rolling.)

Counseling Session

It’s all about a fast, positive start. In our very first meeting, we’ll work up a personalized Action Plan with all the steps we’ll take together. Step by step, you’ll chalk up little victories. You’ll see and feel real progress. Clarifi’s name comes from a verb, so we’re all about action, and helping you win.

Take Charge of your Money
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How are your counselors certified?

Certified means that the counselor has passed a rigorous battery of tests measuring their financial knowledge.