Workshop Topics

Saving and Budgeting

Start Small, Think BIG!

Participants connect their spending patterns to their personal values and goals.  They are also charged with creating a financial goal for themselves, which is used to illustrate the basics of an affordable savings plan.

Budgeting for the Rest of Us

Join us as we learn the bare bones of budgeting: timing and amount of your income, adding savings, paying bills on-time, and creating an allowance to cap spending.  This workshop helps participants start the budgeting process if they have never started before with actionable ways to start answering the question: where does my money go?

Show Me My Money!

Workshop participants are empowered to take charge of their financial well-being and follow the necessary steps towards saving for a better future.  This workshop helps participants identify spending habits, broaden money management skills, and create new tools to help them stay on track and manage their financial resources.

Net vs. Gross: Your Paycheck Explained

Participants review payroll deductions, how gross and net pay is determined, direct deposit, and resources for tax assistance. Attendees complete the workshop understanding the impact W-4 withholding(s) have on their paycheck and the potential tax consequences.  

Banking Like a Boss

Selecting and opening a savings or checking account is an essential step to managing money.  In this workshop, attendees learn the key ways to use a bank account including the benefits of direct deposit, mobile and online banking tools, account alerts, and how to avoid fees without relying on costly check-cashing facilities.

Raising Money-Savvy Kids

It’s all for the kids! This workshop will help you let your kids explore money as they grow. It promotes family financial education and helps you find talking points and money activities for kids of all ages.

Are You Prepared? A Lesson on Putting Your Affairs in Order

Many seniors feel the financial burden of leaving loose ends for their loved ones upon their passing. This workshop provides workshop participants local resources and information on dealing with taxes and unpaid debts, creating a simple will, and setting expectations with family members without discord.

Credit and Debt

Understanding Your Credit Report

Participants learn the importance of using credit responsibly and the factors that lenders use to determine their creditworthiness.  We offer information on how to obtain, read, and correct information on a credit report and teach the necessary steps to establish credit and improve credit scores.

How to Play the Credit Card Game

Participants learn about the advantages, disadvantages, and key terms of the credit card industry. They will also learn about the types of credit cards available and the associated costs.  They learn about the steps to opening a secured credit card account and how to develop a debt recovery plan when overwhelmed.



The Responsible Renter

It is important that renters understand what you can or cannot do as a tenant and how to deal with renter related issues. This workshop will help new and existing renters learn about their tenant rights and responsibilities as they work with challenging landlords or living situations. 

Keys to Homeownership

Participants are provided with an introduction to the key steps in purchasing a home including how to prepare financially for the homeownership process.  We provide information to all participants so they understand how to plan not only for the mortgage process, but also the ongoing costs associated with homeownership, thereby ensuring that participants will be able to remain in their homes.


Dodging Financial Predators

Participants learn about the most common strategies that predatory lenders use to lure unsuspecting consumers, and how to protect themselves from unfair practices, scams, and schemes. We review payday loans, check-cashing facilities, car title loans, tax refund anticipation loans, IRS scams and more!

Guard Against Identity Theft

This workshop provides an overview of identity theft (ID): what it is, the impact, prevention measures and recovery steps.  Participants leave the class with information on how to prevent ID theft, how to obtain and use their credit report and steps to take to prevent or recover from being victimized.


Target: Retirement

Thinking about retirement can be overwhelming and oftentimes low on the “saving for...” list. In this workshop, participants learn about basic investment terms, costs, risk tolerances and investment goals, as well as, the basics of Social Security, how it works, eligibility requirements and strategies for getting the most out of this program. We can help you get clarity on what you will need to get organized for your financial future