Do You Qualify for Mortgage Assistance?

Let’s see if you’re eligible for mortgage assistance.  Clarifi can determine if you are eligible for any federal, state or county mortgage assistance programs. The longer you wait, the more limited your options. Let’s get your mortgage current and put a stop to your sleepless nights. 

Your situation may feel uniquely frustrating. But our counselors have just about seen it all. Let’s have a candid, confidential chat and we’ll figure this out together.

Here’s what we’ll do at our very first meeting:
  • Let’s do a complete financial analysis  
  • We'll review the reason for default and see if we can make any changes 
  • We'll review mortgage assistance programs available and determine if you are eligible
  • Once we have the right direction, let’s get that action plan together so you can start checking off the little victories that add up to your home-saving triumph


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Appointment Information
  • 2-hour session; available in-person or by phone
  • Spanish speaking counselor available
  • Arrangement can be made for hearing impaired
  • Fee:  No cost 
Meet Our Counselors
After I submit an application for mortgage assistance with a counselor's help, what should I do?

Make sure to respond to any contact from your counselor or lender. It is still your home, so be proactive in following up with your lender on the status of any application.

What should I do if I fall behind on my mortgage, or will fall behind in the foreseeable future due to a change in income?

Don’t delay, call Clarifi to understand your options early.