Save Money

One of our counselors will take a fine-tooth comb through your income, living expenses (all of them), and whatever debt you have. With all that information, we’ll create an Action Plan so you can get a savings plan together, put some of that debt behind you and reach some other financial goals. Some people discover how to really manage money for the first time, so that money doesn’t manage them.

Here’s what we’ll do at our very first meeting:
  • Look at where all that income goes, and think about how you might prioritize your spending habits
  • Review your monthly expenses, like rent or mortgage, utilities and car or other loan payments
  • Detail your daily spending habits, right down to your morning cup of coffee and afternoon chocolate-chip cookie
  • Let’s see if your income covers your essential monthly expenses
  • We’ll look at strategies for cutting expenses
  • Lets save that money and create an Action Plan based around your savings goals 
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Appointment Information
  • 1-hour session; available in-person or by phone
  • Spanish speaking counselor available
  • Arrangement can be made for hearing impaired
  • Fee:  $25
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