Rent Smarter, Live Better

Because homeownership isn’t right (or even possible) for everyone we’re ready to help you rent happily ever after. We’ll make sure we understand your goals, see what you can afford, and help you be able to live affordably without the fear of eviction.

Here's what we'll do at our first meeting:
  • You'll meet your Clarifi counselor. Then, we'll look at your budget and check your credit.
  • We’ll talk about where you live now, what rental qualities matter to you and guide you on how to find a place that will make you happiest.

  • If you’re behind on your rent now, let’s get you back on track with a better budget plan.
  • If you’re facing eviction or have a dispute with your landlord, we probably don’t have the help you need. We suggest you seek legal advice right away as to how to avoid eviction.
Appointment Information
  • 1-hour session; available in person or by phone
  • Spanish speaking counselor available
  • Arrangements can be made for hearing impaired
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Or call us at 215-563-5665
We're ready to help.