Rent Smarter, Live Better

Because home ownership isn’t right (or even possible) for everyone, we’re ready to help you rent happily ever after. It starts with rental smarts – understanding your goals, building a budget, what’s really affordable and living securely without fear of eviction.

Here's what we'll do at our first meeting:
  • Meet your Clarifi counselor. Let’s look at your budget, check your credit and talk about where you live now.
  • We have a lot of great tips on how to find the best rental for you. Let’s match them up with what will make you happiest.
  • If you’re behind on your rent now, let’s get you back on track with a real budget plan.
  • If you’re facing eviction or have a dispute with your landlord, we probably don’t have the help you need. We suggest you seek legal advice right away as to how to avoid eviction.
Appointment Information
  • 1-hour session; available in person or by phone
  • Spanish speaking counselor available
  • Arrangements can be made for hearing impaired
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Or call us at 215-563-5665
We're ready to help.