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We know what it’s like to owe a lot of money. It’s like a dead weight on your shoulders.

You can’t sleep, things get tense with your family and friends, and you’re afraid to answer the phone. When you’re in over your head, debt can really put a damper on your hopes.

Unfortunately, it’s easy to get in debt. Maybe it’s less income or a lost job. Could be doctor’s bills or trying to help out a family member. You might just lack the discipline of a good budget. It’s easy to be overwhelmed and harder to overcome. But you can do it, and we can help now.

Your Clarifi Counselor knows how to get you out of debt. Let’s start paying down that debt so you can start paying yourself.


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Are there any fees associated with your debt management program?

If you enroll, there is an initial fee of $50, and a monthly fee of $10 per creditor, to a maximum of $50 per month. This minor cost covers our administrative expenses in managing your debt reduction plan. 

Does it matter how much debt I have?

Not necessarily. You may owe just a few thousand dollars, or you may owe a great deal more. Our credit counselors will work with you to determine if you are eligible for a debt management plan.

How long does a debt management program take?

Usually a debt management program allows you to pay off your debt in five years.

How will I know that my debt management plan is working?

Our debt reduction services include monthly progress reports that show how you have reduced your credit card debt. We encourage you to provide us with regular statements from your creditors so we can keep your personal debt management plan on track and reduce your credit card debt in the shortest possible amount of time.

What does Clarifi do for me in a debt management program?

First, we establish a workable budget and monthly payment amount. Then, we negotiate with your creditors on your behalf to lower payments, stop collection action, and reduce or eliminate late fees. Finally, we disburse your monthly payment in a timely manner to your creditors.

What is a debt management plan?

A Debt Management Plan or Program, also known as debt repayment or debt reduction, enables you to engage in systematic, manageable debt repayment. In a debt management program, your overall debt is not lowered—you will pay the full amount owed to your creditors. However, you will be able to make that full debt repayment in a shortened timeframe (usually within 5 years).

What is the difference between debt management, debt settlement, and debt consolidation?

For a full explanation of the differences, please view our Comparing Debt Solutions page.