Welcome to Clarifi

Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Delaware Valley is now Clarifi

As of January, 2012, Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Delaware Valley (CCCS) is now Clarifi. For nearly five decades, we've helped over a half a million people seek financial clarity. As financial complexity has grown with the times, so have the breadth and depth of our services. We have evolved our mission and expanded our services to provide proactive learning programs that empower people to make informed decisions about money throughout their lives.

We wanted a name that would better reflect our growing foundation of services. To steer people toward a clear financial future, we've taken Clarifi as the new name of our organization. 

Why Clarifi? The first thing we do with our clients is clear away the fog of financial uncertainty. Our name also springs from our bold new mission—“We create hope by helping people identify and secure the most important assets in their lives.” Ultimately, our variety of services leads to Lifelong Financial Literacy.

So whether it’s how to make—and stick to—a household budget, understand a mortgage, plan for school tuition or envision a secure retirement, Clarifi can people every step of the way. We’re here for everyone, without regard for economic status. It’s why we call what we do “financial planning for the rest of us.”

This is what we've always done at CCCS. And now, we've clarified it.



To learn more about our name change, visit out FAQ page.